Mädchenhaus Zürich: Wohnraum, Schutz und Beratung für Gewaltbetroffene Mädchen und junge Frauen Girl-Site

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Are you not able to put up with what is happening at home anymore? Would you rather just run away from it and don’t know where to go?

Contact us at any time, day or night, whenever you want to and even without having to mention your name! We will find a solution together.

Tel. 044 341 49 45 or by e-mail: info@maedchenhaus.ch

Do you need help?

  • Are you being beaten?
  • Are you being verbally abused, humiliated, or debased?
  • Are you experiencing sexual abuse?
  • Is someone locking you up and forbidding you to contact colleagues or controlling you cellphone?
  • Were you forced into a marriage?
  • Has someone threatened to do you bodily harm, to kill you, or send you back to where you came from?

The Mädchenhaus offers you a safe place, where you are protected from violence and can discuss your situation in peace. The women in our team inform you about your rights, options and possibilities. They support and accompany you during all of the next steps.

The Mädchenhaus and support center are open for tall or small, chubby or thin, hetero or lesbian, sad or happy girls and young women between 14 and 20. Swiss and foreigners, from the town or country – everyone is most welcome!

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